Palembang's and Ampera Bridge

This is Ampera bridge, which is located in the southern Sumatran city of Palembang, exactly. This bridge became an icon once the pride of the city of Palembang. Musi river which divides the palembang city into two parts, this two part of area of city palembang connected by this bridge.This is a great bridge, visit palembang for a closer look at the beauty of music, your Ampera.

Go To Palembang

Tomorrow i will go to palembang, from october 4th maybe until october 9th, my destination is anugerah hotel, sriwijaya hotel and kantor walikota palembang. Maybe this picture and map can help me.

kantor walikota Palembang

Hotel Sriwijaya

Tugu Selamat Datang

When you go to the Jakarta Pusat (center of capital Jakarta) you will find this monumen "Selamat Datang" statue, placed on the Thamrin street Jakarta, this statue near to the Grand Indonesia Hotel also Mandarin Oriental and Nikko hotel. This statue placed on the strategic location. When you come to Jakarta you can book your hotel around this place, then you can go to interested place near there.
This picture take from the top of ATD building placed on the Thamrin street.