Senayan (Gelora Bung Karno)

The next beautifull green place on Jakarta is Gelora Bung Karno located in Senayan Jakarta Selatan. This is place for sport, there are football, basket ball, badminton, and another sport activity place.

It is interesting to take sport in Gelora Bung Karno every weekend with your family.
Gelora Bung Karno picture is take from plaza Mandiri Gatot Subroto. This picture is property blog administrator. Wait my next post about Jakarta.

The village

Look this crowd area with horison view of earth. This earth will crowd like this every where. One side of Jakarta condition, crowd area. This picture take from Rasuna Said. Original picture contact blog administrator. View my next post.


Look for this place, this is Allson hotel placed on the Senen Jakarta Pusat. This picture take from top of Borobudur hotel Jakarta.

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Istiqlal is the big mosque in Jakarta even in Indonedia, this mosque located in the center of Jakarta as capital town of Indonesia near Monas and Borobudur Hotel. This is best place to pray here in even when Romadhon always crowded with moslem to pray.
This picture take from Borobudur Hotel building near the Mosque.
This picture is properti by blog owner.

Beauty Evening in Rasuna

Take look for this beautiful evening with yellow red sunset light combination. Jakarta in the evening at Rasuna said Kuningan. This picture take from top of Taman Rasuna Residence building at 5.17 pm. Jakarta go night is verry beautifull view.


This gazebo located on the top of AGPI (apartemen golf pondok indah) building in Pondok Indah South Jakarta. This is good place to see beautifull natural view in South Jakarta and golf field in AGPI.
South Jakarta have a beautifull place than another Jakarta area, there still have many natural place and interested place to take holiday

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Sudirman in evening

Smooth sun light in sudirman, situation in sudirman going night. Car light, building light beautifull view. This is Sudirman Park residence located on Jl.Sudirman. This picture take from top of Shangrila Residence in evening. Original picture on blog administrator.

Lapangan Banteng

This is Lapangan Banteng statue located in Senen Jakarta Pusat near Monas (monumen nasional), this is beautiful place to take sport, jogging with your family on holiday. This picture take from top of building Borobudur Hotel on south of Lapangan banteng.

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Under Construction (Grand Indonesia)

Look this morning situation on Grand Indonesia, this building (center) was under construction on February 2008. On the right side is Menara BCA under construction.
This picture taken from top of Shangrilla residence building on february 2008. For original picture contact blog owner

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Rainny season in South Jakarta

Evening situation in TB. Simatupang South Jakarta with rainny, look the silk sun light, this is a beautifull nature photograph. This picture taken from top of Arkadia Building TB. Simatupang South Jakarta. Original picture on blog administrator.

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One side of Jakarta view

Gatot subroto street view from top of citragraha building near the balai kartini, take on april 22nd original picture contact alexa (blog owner).

Welcome to Jakarta

This is one side of Indonesia capital town Jakarta, this picture taken from Rasuna Said Kuningan on February, this picture is property of this blog owner. Original picture leave your messege on comment box